The Update

All things COVID has change how we do things. I left off last April that our office had started a stay at home. I like to think of it as leveraging the 21st century and taking productivity to the next level. I plan to expand on the past 7 months, but for now some mini bullet point updates.

Every time I hear, see or even write mini, Dr. Evil comes to mind. Yes, the quote from the second Austin Power’s movie “…and I shall call him Mini Me.” But back to task and quick update.

On the personal side, we did shelter in place from April to September. All that time home, you would think I could write a weekly blog. Not the case. During August I start a major remodel of the downstairs powder room. With my mother in-law moving in, it has been difficult to transverse the stairs. So, I have been working on expanding the powder room to a ¾ bath. I’m probably a week from being done.

But you ask, won’t that mess up guest coming over on thanksgiving? Not really, we several high risk people in our extended family, we have collectively decided to stay at our own homes. We will be doing a family get together “hopefully” around spring break.

On the CSINext Front, we have 2 things in the works. A major update to the app, which will facilitate even better integration with the web experience. Second is a group idea that will be an extremely useful resource. It’s still in the works and goal is to be ready for prime time by January 1, 2021!

I did see a funny meme a couple of weeks ago. What if 2020 is more than a bad year but the start of a bad decade. As noted before, continue to stay safe. The simple things will protect you and those around you. We can turn the corner and make 2021 the start of something good!

…and now for something completely different.
Crows can hold grudges against specific individual people. Crows can very easily distinguish humans apart from each other, whereas humans find it nearly impossible to tell crows apart.



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Friday, 04 December 2020

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