Practice Polite Protection

Another service announcement from your Artichoke… Social Distancing is all the rage. Well, at least almost all of us are in the middle of it. I truly believe that every person wants this ‘new normal’ to end and get back to the old normal. While the numbers continue to climb in cases and unfortunately deaths, we need to maintain some of the best actions against this pandemic known as the coronavirus or COVID-19.

We all have heard the news and listened to the expert Doctors on our best chance to flatten the curve of spreading the disease. While we each are trying to prevent the spread of the disease, each day we continue to see the numbers grow. I’ve collected the best practices over the past few weeks. These are the same things we should be doing during cold and flu season anyway. DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert, only your doctor can provide you with what is best. 

  • Wash your hands – at least for 20 seconds
  • Use hand Sanitizer – at least 60% alcohol
  • Use a tissue or your elbow when sneezing
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Avoid handshakes (and hugging, oh man… I’m a hugger, this is tough)
  • Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces
  • Contribute to Social Distancing, stay 6 to 8 feet away from each other
  • Get a flu shot, at least if you get sick, chances are it is not the flu
  • Call your health care provider if you do have a fever or cough

And the MOST important two items, which should be at the top of the list. 

  • Be respectful during this time
  • Remain calm

I bring these up because something about our world has changed in the past ten years. It is the tribal camps we are setup in. Things we would not say in person we have been practicing online since the dawn of the Facebook era. There was a time when we all would not discuss with each other Politics or Religion. But since we have been pushing the open flow of thoughts online for so long, we have lost the ability filter our thoughts when we are in person.

What got to me is what happened to my daughter yesterday (3/30/20). She works at one of those local pharmacy chains and is providing essential services to everyone. She does this to help put herself through school, full time at the University of Arizona. She is only wanting to make a better life for herself. We all have been there and know that working and full-time school is stressful. But she has to leave her stresses at the door to provide the best customer service for those who need their medications.

She was working the register checking people out, helping them main 6 feet from each other and her. When someone stated, “You’re just a cashier and you don’t do anything important.” I find that to be an absolute worthless truth made up by someone who gets more out belittling others. I’m more surprised anyone spout out such a hurtful thing to a fellow person. We have for several millennium lived in a society of exchanging goods. While we have swapped out sheep & chickens for money. It is still the same basic principal.  Fortunately, our family shared our support for our daughter and could only encourage her. But once the hurt is there, the cut is done, it will leave a scar. I understand that when you are in the product aisle and it is out of stock of what you need, it can frustrate you. But the cashier did not go and hide all of the product in the back storeroom. In fact, I’m pretty sure no one working at the store has done that.

I hope you will hear my words, or at least take them to heart. When you remove your social media filter and take it out to the real world. You are hurting someone’s son or daughter. Before passing judgement that your way or the highway is right, what impact will you really have on others. One of those school programs Be Kind, we all should be doing.

Finally, what is with the hoarding? I’ve seen a lot of apocalypse and zombie movies. Day to day survival is job one, however, this is not the case. Even in those movies, the first thing to go are the canned foods. Nope, only in the US do we go after the toilet paper. I can only say, deep breath people (at least 6 feet away) and be reasonable in your actions. We can’t continue to live in the ‘me’ society and bring destruction with us in our path. Be polite in our actions, but also practice all things to keep yourself and others safe. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

…and now for something completely different.
According to a survey, in as recently as 1998, over half the population of Iceland believed in elves.




If I could get the little heart to work, I would "like" this post.

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If I could get the little heart to work, I would "like" this post. :(

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Very Strange... I hover over the heart and I can choose from the different like styles.

Excellent post with great advice. Thank you.

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Excellent post with great advice. Thank you.
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