I mentioned a few weeks ago about coffee. I’m in the camp that it is ‘The Nectar of the Gods’. I really enjoy the smell. Then there is the flavor of a good coffee. I’m not all about how strong it is, but really looking for a smooth taste. I do enjoy a good shot of expresso every once in a while. Basically, for all those who are coffee drinkers, it is about the experience.

I do understand at some point coffee can move from an experience to an addiction. You need that cup first thing in the morning to get through the day. Or to fight off that caffeine headache. Over 12 years ago, that was my boat. I was doing 2 to 3 pots, that’s right, pots not cups, each morning. I would switch to iced tea in the afternoon. But if there was no tea, then I would have some more coffee. I’m kind of surprised I ever slept during my 30’s with so much caffeine in me.

The year the Nintendo Wii came out. Which was 2006, I quit drinking coffee cold turkey after Christmas that year. For me, it was probably the smartest thing I ever did. Starting in 2007, I made the switch to tea. Hot tea in the morning. One or Two cups, I would enjoy all of the different types, from green to herbal teas. And of course, nothing like a cup of hot tea with a little lemon and honey when allergy season hit. 

After 12 years, I finally had some coffee. Last Christmas, our office received a 12 pack of cold brewed coffee from one of our consultants. This is kind of a tradition in architecture, that there is a food and drink exchange if it was a successful year. 2018, was a very good year. Back to the coffee… I was curious, so I had one can. Yep, it was kind of weird to have a can of cold coffee. I was impressed with how good it tasted. About two weeks later there was still a couple of cans in the refrigerator, so I decided to have another one. Don’t worry, it did not turn into an addiction, but it was very enjoyable.

I started heavy travels again in 2019. On the road almost every week for the first couple of months. During the first week in February, I decided to make me a cup of coffee on a VERY cold day in Gallup, NM. It was a good way to start the day, warm up a little and I knew I would be outside doing a punch list on a roof in Zero degree weather.

It was at that point, I decided to find some boundaries. I can do one cup of coffee no more than 4 times a week. I still enjoy my hot tea, and sometimes that is my go to drink in the morning. I'm moved well past the addiction and simply enjoy the experience. I enjoy the flavor. But most of all, it is nice to find balance. With everything in life, that is what we need, balance.

…and now for something completely different.
A hardboiled egg will spin, but a soft-boiled egg will not.



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These are awesome on the road!

I've seen those... I was wondering if they were any good. I have another road trip in 2 weeks, I just may have to check them out.

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I've seen those... I was wondering if they were any good. I have another road trip in 2 weeks, I just may have to check them out.
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